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coffee lab/cocktail bar

The ground floor is a bright & airy coffee lab by day and a cocktail bar by night. With two grinders offering a house blend and weekly single origins through the espresso machine, manual brews and pour-overs; luxury organic teas and flowery tisanes; freshly pressed juices and refreshing coolers—the long banquette will be the place to be seen over the morning's papers.

A bar menu offers crunchy polenta chips and polpette or seasonal antipasto platters with which to sip some prosecco while you wait for your table in the restaurant.

For the more serious cocktail connoisseur, we use our own infusions, bitters, and cordials to mix up original creations like our “thousand islands old fashioned”, kemangi gimlet and pineapple sage martini; as well as having future classics on hand like our negroni sbagliato and manual brew mocha martini.