Copy of Our Favourites


Some of Our FavoUrites:



pull apart creamy mozzarella with caponata, pepper jam, relishes, breads



a tasting plate of our favourite small foods


cheesy polenta chips

with mozzarella, parmesan & romesco


berry ricotta hotcakes

citrus yoghurt, honeycomb butter



bon-bons of pasta stuffed with beetroot & spinach ricotta, burnt sage butter


pumpkin ravioli

with roast tomato cream sauce, ricotta & basil


uncle tony's soft polenta

with braised beetroot cheeks, walnuts, spinach, gorgonzola & truffle oil


dumbo eggs

2 eggs, roast tomatoes, crispy mushrooms,
spinach, aioli, focaccia

tutti frutti

poached & fresh fruit, berry semifreddo, rice cracker



with golden tomato jam & almond salsa verde


arancini alla dumbo

crunchy risotto balls with chilli jam & aioli


breakfast burger

fennel & pine nut burger, egg, mushrooms, onions, truffle aioli & chilli jam